June 17, 2009

New shyt!

Yo, so we recently ran out of our pressed copies of "EPs" and we're picking up more in Philly.
But on a more awesome note, my uncle threw together some tees for us and the tour.
He lives in Buffalo, NY (where we will be playing a show there on the 24th at Nietzche's) and he owns and operates the amazing Pavlov's Togs store. This is what he has to say about his shop:

Pavlov's Togs opened its first storefront at 77 Saranac Ave. in 1997. Initially primarily a contract custom screenprinting shop, original designs were gradually added to the mix as the business grew and moved to progressively stronger retail locations (1207 Hertel Ave., 567 Elmwood Ave. and, finally, the current location at 734 Elmwood Ave.). Throughout this time over 70 designs have been offered, some enjoying robust success, others destined for hasty retirement. Every image has been (and continues to be) designed and hand printed by owner/founder Thomas Rooney (that's me). The images fall into two basic catagories: those that celebrate our fair city of Buffalo (known creatively as "Buffalo Designs") and other sundry designs that are lumped into the Happy Genius family. The people of Buffalo have given Pavlov's Togs (and me) much support and encouragement over the years. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thanks!

So bottom line, the dude's awesome and we now have two designs of limited edition tees (one super-limited edition with the graphics of the Buffalo show's flyer, and one generic 2009 Tour design).

Get excited! Here they are:

We are super thankful for all the support he's given us and everything he's done (we get to crash at his crib! DOPE!)

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