June 25, 2009

Day Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen in Buffalo, NY

Shapes of States
A Hotel Nourishing

We left NYC at around 10 am and after a beautiful drive over the mountains and through the woods that inspired some Fleet Foxes jammzzz, we arrived in Buffalo just in time for dinner with my aunt Nancy and uncle Tom.
Delicious tacos were whipped up by T himself and ice cold XXs were offered to us to wet our whistle (in a commonly dry household) after a long drive.

We stayed up eating, talking, and playing music (after a wonderful trip to the always overwhelmingly shitty Guitar Center). We were given warm comfortable beds to sleep in (YES! BEDS!) and we slept like little baby kings that night. In the morning, we were awoken by Tom and the scent of delicious breakfast burritos. After the filling and delicious breakfast, we boys got on the road to Niagra Falls and took in the sights and smells of the border.
After taking a few rockin' press photos and once we finally fished Sean out of the base of the falls (don't get me started), we began our trek back to Buffalo to check out Pavlov's Togs and "the strand" of the area.

We were super stoked to see my uncle's shop for the first time. It ruled.

We roamed the streets, shipped off a few orders of "EPs", made inserts for "EPs", and chilled at Tom and Nancy's wonderful house until they came home from work. After another delicious dinner (ravioli tonight!), another bone-rattlin' jam sesh, and a few calls back home, we hit the hay with our bellies bursting at our buttons, content as can be.

The next morning, Tom woke us up and we got ready (with the help of some wonderful french toast) to go on another tour of Buffalo with the dopest tour guide ever. We stopped by Sunday Skateboards, ate some falafel and tunisians, chatted with the guys and gal at Hero Design about how lame Wilco is and how to kick bandmates out of the band while still on the road, checked out Nietzsche's, took the scenic route, went back to the crib, worked on finalizing the July 4th show, picked up some pizza and then packed up the truck and left for the show. We arrived at the venue before the other bands, but were quickly greeted by the members of a_relative_term, Shapes of States, and A Hotel Nourishing, one by one over the next hour or so. a_relative_term took to the stage first with their melodramatic psych-folk and opened the show very well. Next, we bum rushed the stage and the frenzy began. A local off-center arts magazine, Artvoice (who wrote a slightly factually incorrect preview for the show earlier) was there and happened to film some of the show. Check it!

At one point, the bartender yelled out from the back, "Why you gotta be so FUCKIN loud?! I'll shut you down", and we all shared a good jolly laugh. We pushed through the set and split the sea for Shapes of States to deliciously trance us into a mindset that would leave us unprepared for the jaw-dropping jibber jabber of the duo, A Hotel Nourishing. We sold a fair amount of merch (especially the new tees!) and bid our farewells to our hosts with maximum hospitality. It was a good night. On the way back to Nancy and Tom's, we stopped at Tim Hortons and grabbed some delicious donuts and hot cocoa. And to sleep we went.

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