June 26, 2009

Day Fourteen - Bflo to Muncie, Indiana

We woke up late and made some eggs over at Nancy and Tom's and waited for the rain to stop before we packed up our bags into the car. The rain never stopped nor let up for quite some time, so we just got soaked and loaded all of our stuff in the truck and left. We planned on driving halfway or so and stop at a rest stop to sleep, but our GPS thing took us through a whole bunch of back roads where no rest stop was present. We ended up making it to Muncie around midnight and after I called about ten motels in the area and after all of them turned me down because of their lack of vacancy, Sean made his first call. He called the Muncie Inn and after Sean asked if they had any open room for tonight, the clerk's retort went something like "what time is it?". Sean stated that it was in fact midnight and yes, a room for tonight would be what we were looking for. We were offered a room for $30 and couldn't pass it up (although at a price like that, I feared for the worst). We got pretty much what i was expecting: gross room, stale cigarette smell, a bathroom that had spiderwebs all over it, the TV left of a PPV porn channel, and blood (yes, blood) smeared near the door handle and lock on the inside of the door (a pic of this will be uploaded asap). We slept ok that night.

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