May 26, 2009


We're headed back to Lafayette for our first Louisiana show in quite some time this saturday for the amazing festival of Geronimo.
Over thirty bands will be joining us in Downtown Lafayette for the festival from Noon to 2am, and the headlining bands are: Fleur de Tease, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, The Howdies, Matt Rock & the PowerBoxx, Dege Legg, Arbor Vitae, and Greg Ginn from Black Flag.
We played the benefit show for the expenses at Hi Ho Lounge a while back (and got banned from ever playing there till we're 21...) and now the day is finally almost here!
You can purchase presale wristbands HERE for $12 or you can buy them for $15 at the festival the day-of. Their Myspace page has even more info and fun stuff. CHECK IT!

We're playing at Artmosphere from 9-10. Here's the schedule. Copy-paste and print this shit, bruh!

*CEDAR (Deli) STAGE (Parking Lot by Bordens): (1-7pm)
1. Uma Zuma (1-1:45)
2. Love Hog (2:15- 3)
3. Dude vs. Bruh (3:30- 4:15)
4. ImagineIAM (4:45-5:30)
5. Vagabond Swing (6-7)

***BLUE MOON SALOON: (12-12am)
1. Julie Williams Band (1:15- 2)
3. Giant Cloud (2:30- 3:15)
4. Ginger Lee (3:45- 4:30)
5. Arbor Vitae (5- 6)
6. Snarky Puppy (6:30- 7:45)
7. MyNameIsJohnMichael (8:15- 9:30)
8. Quintron and Miss Pussycat (10:15-12)

*BLUE Moon PORCH STAGE: (12-7pm)
1. Ruby Rendrag (12:30-1:15)
2 VoSteen (2-2:30)
3 Dangerous D (3:15-3:45)
4. J Burton (4:30-5)
5. Dege Legg (6-6:30)

***ARTMOSPHERE: (11 -2am)
1. Kyle Craft (12:30- 1:15) outside
2. Flowtribe (1:30- 2:15)
3. Juke Joint Jam feat. Taron Lockett (2:30- 3:15) outside
4. Hatch (3:30-4:15)
5. The Specklers (4:30- 5:15) outside
6. JAMBANG (6-7)
7. Markings (7:30-8:30)
8. Caddywhompus (9- 10)
9. A Living Soundtrack (10:30-12)
10. Matt Rock and the Powerboxx Reunion! (12:30- 2am)

***SADIES NITECLUB: (11-2am) Downstairs:
1. Magnolia Sons- Geronimo Kickoff! Free shots!(12pm-1pm)
2. Langolier (1:30-2:30)
3. Oso Closo (3- 4)
4. Bionica (4:30- 5:30)
5. Big Rock Candy Mountain (6- 7)
6. Magic Legs (7:30- 8:30)
7. The CrackBabies (9 -10)
8. The Howdies (10:30-11:45)
9. Fleur De Tease- NOLA Burlesque Show! (12:30-2am)

*SADIES (2-2am) Upstairs:
2:00-3:30 - Kellie Greene (jungle/drum & bass)
3:30-4:30 - Black Swan (dubstep)
4:30-5:30 - Jason Robo & Wop (breaks)*
5:30-6:30 - Rekanize (electro/house)
6:30-7:30 - OttO (indie dance)
7:30-8:30 - Unicorn Fukr & Cama Lama (deep house)*
8:30-9:30 - Herb Christopher (minimal/techno)
9:30-10:30 - Smurl (funky house)

See you there!
Don't forget to pick up your pre-sale wristbands before 1pm at the hospitality tent (w/valid ID and printed cop of receipt)!!!

May 25, 2009

"EPs" on iTunes

I wanna write a blog about how "EPs" is on iTunes but I don't know what to say.
Check it HERE.


May 21, 2009


We Whompers whomped our way to the whompin' nomination ballot for the whompin' Houston Press Music Awards this go 'round.
We're up for Best Instrumental/Experimental.
Merci Beaucoup!


May 20, 2009

In hibernation for a little while.

Hello friends!
Just felt like writing a little bloggy about why we're seemingly so inactive as of right now.
We are in fact, taking some time to get set for this summer and other plans we have made.
We're in the studio almost every day writing and crafting our songs we have/don't have yet for our three upcoming releases (Split 7", an experimental visual album, and the full length).
We're also preparing our music and equipment for the road this summer (TOUR!!!!), a summer we are very excited about.
We are working on getting our split 7" done (with sIngs) and figuring out the best way to press it.
We are working on re-pressing our first album "EPs" as we are running low on copies for the tour.
We are silk-screening tees for the tour and making a new design (hopefully).
I am trying to find/buy a new amp that will work for the whole tour and is mine.
We are trying to get Sean's Volvo Station Wagon fixed so it's road-worthy for the summer.
We are saving $$$ for the tour.
We are finalizing the dates/bands for the tour.
We are booking dates for after the tour in H-Town and our return to school.
We have jobs.
We are partying hard.
We have warrants out for murder/rape/treason/parking tickets.
My teeth still hurt.

In conclusion, we still love you and will visit you soon.


May 18, 2009


So we were pretty busy and accomplished a lot with the band this past semester, but let's see how we did in our studies.
We are both Music Industry Studies (Bachelor of Science) majors at Loyola University, New Orleans. Here goes!

Chris' Grades:
Music Industry Forum: Pass
Intro to Business: B+
Intro to Philosophy: B
Intro to Music Industry Studies: C
Intro to Finite Math: A
Legal Issues In Music Industry Studies: C
Current Term GPA: 2.900
Cumulative GPA: 3.121

Sean's Grades:
Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: A
Music Visualization: B+
Basic Marketing: C+
Management & Organizational Behavior: D+
Principles of Microeconomics: A
Music Industry Forum: Pass
Current Term GPA: 2.917
Cumulative GPA: 3.125

So Sean's in the lead right now. CAN HE HOLD CHRIS OFF NEXT SEMESTER???

To be continued.... Can the duo keep their scholarships???

May 14, 2009

Riff Tiffs' "Festival/Snflwr" EP

Hello again, maybe it's the codeine I got for my wisdom teeth removal working, but today I decided to upload the most recent release, Festival/Snflwr EP, from our other (first ever!) band, RIff Tiffs. We've been in this band since 2004 and I am certain we, as Caddywhompus, wouldn't be doing anything remotely close to what we're doing now (musically and professionally) without the experience we gained during our time with this band. You can download it for FREE at our bandcamp page.

<a href="">Festival by Riff Tiffs</a>

Check it out and help us spread the word if you wish.

If you're in Houston, check out our shows this May:
May 23rd at The Mink
Mat 29th at Mango's (w.Mynameisjohnmichael!)

May 12, 2009


This is gonna totally rule. First practice space since February. Yes. We played all of our shows between March 1st and now without a practice space or many practices. Getting ready to write and record and get productive. But we might die in the process because.....

or swine flu...

May 4, 2009


Check it, so our hometown of Houston is having it's yearly Houston Press Awards.
It's determined by ballot voting online. You can VOTE HERE

If you think like we are up to compete, feel free to nominate us for:
Best Indie-Rock
Best EP (Caddywhompus EP)
Best Full-length (Caddywhompus "EPs")
Best New Act

Thanks for supporting us and other musical Houstoners.

May 3, 2009

Chris' solo album release and other info

Today I (Chris) released my latest solo album on Bandcamp. It's called Four Drops/Pieces of Rain and it's available for a free download. I won't use this blog to talk about my solo work, so that's why i started another blog that is focused solely on releases and news such as this.

I also started a Twitter account for my solo work and you can follow me HERE.

Here's my Myspace if you want to check it out.

Join the facebook group if you want to get updates on news and whatnot.

Also, my first two full-length records are available on CD Baby and my second full length (What Had Happened Was) is on iTunes.

Hope all is good in the hood.


<a href="">Part I - Neighborhood Rain (00:00-06:48) Part II - Metallic Rolling Winds/Thunder (06:48-11:03) by Chris Rehm</a>