June 13, 2009

Day One - 6/12 Artmosphere (Lafayette, LA)

6/12 - Artmosphere (Lafayette, LA)
Wild Moccasins
A Living Soundtrack

It was a sunny Friday evening and the birds were chirping around beautiful Lafayette. We rolled in around 5 pm and quickly went to the wonderful Dee's house. We fixed her tandem bike and rode as a gang to Artmosphere to check in. Good to go. We would be returning to the venue around 8 after heading back to the crib to try that new Satsuma Abita. Yumz! Next thing we know, we're at the venue and the Wild Moccasins are there chilling near their brand spankin' new van. A Living Soundtrack showed up shortly thereafter and people began to slowly file in. The Crackbabies (the scheduled local) was a no-show due to the band's break up a week before, and sadly they never clued us in on that fact. But as Queen said, "The show must go on". They also said, "Mamma, just killed a man. Put a gun against his head...". The Wild Moccasins took the stage at around 9:45 and their sweet pop lifted the hearts of the crowd. Their tees look rockin and their CDs are on their second pressing. Good fortune has graced this fine young band and we wish them the best on their tour. A Living Soundtrack followed and (as always) this group blew me away. Projector show and all, this band is the total package. Super hot. Very sexy. It's great to see the people in the crowd that have never seen the band before let themselves get into the groove and really absorb the amazing original music this band throws their way. After A Living Soundtrack, we took the stage (or the floor, actually) and started ruining people's nice, groovy, smooth meals. Sean's snare (which gave him a little trouble at Mango's on the 11th) needed to have a little tune-up on stage and Cody from WM graciously threw a screwdriver Sean's way so he could fix the problem. It's good to see the community among bands even in small situations like this. We had a great time playing and people seemed to really dig all the bands that night. I felt my voice going, so when we got back to Danielle's house, Zahira and I had some hot Bronch-aid tea (for throat health!) and chit-chatted about Adam Lambert and his unusual chest hair. I'd consider this a very good start for our tour considering we had a decent turn-out without a local, got even closer to bands we like, and got free food and drinx (courtesy of Artmosphere! Woot woot!). Oh! Also I rode bikes back to Dee's house after the show with the legend herself and BEAT the WM just by a hair. Sure, their van is nice, new and big, but I'm quick, baby! QUICK!

Today we're headed to Baton Rouge AND Lafayette. It's our first and last double-header of the tour.
I'll recap every day, so check back often!

ALSO! We're keeping track of our personal expenses.
Day one on the road:

Chris: Flamin' Hot Fries ($1) + No Doz ($1) + Hot water & cup ($1...yes, I'm serious) = $3 so far

Sean: Big Red Bull ($4) + Cigarettes ($5) = $9 so far

Chris in the lead.

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