June 17, 2009

Day Five - 6/17 (Drive from Birmingham to Roanoke)

We drove a whole lot.
Saw some mountains.
Saw a double rainbow.
Drove through rain clouds.
Slept in a rest stop with a 2hr parking limit.
Ignored the rules.
Slept in the rest area for at least 7 hrs.
Now we're on the way to DC to play at The Girl Cave.

Day Five Expenses:

Chris: Nachos & a Blue Sky ($10) + Pimento and Cheese sandwich, Reeses, Butterfinger, Coke ($5) + Gatorade & Flamin Hot fries ($3) = $45 so far

Sean: Veggie fajitas ($10) + Gatorade & Flamin Hot Cheetos & Mini Pecan Pie ($5) + Full Throttle & Cheese Fix Munchies ($4) = $79 so far

Chris still leading it.

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