June 23, 2009

Day 10 - 6/21 (Brooklyn, NY)

you will never believe what we did when we woke up in Brooklyn on the day of our show. seriously it was unbelievable. then oh my god the craziest thing happened later in the afternoon. theeen we unloaded our gear into Union Pool and it started to rain. so it was 9 oclcock(when we were suposed to go on) and nobody had showed up. alas, by 915 there was a good crowd and all the stress vanished. and get this. the soundgirl was CUTE AND FRIENDLY!?!? and from new orleans so we talked and had drinks after the show. and then we went to wesley's favorite bar "the trophy bar" and i saw the tambourine player from the no-name band we saw a Grasslands. Chris forgot to mention the best part of last night. we were watching the no-name band's set and on their last chord of the last song, the singer(big long-haired hippie guy) held out a super high note for like a minute straight. then as soon as he ended people started to cheer and clap. he was about to say thank you into the mic but he slipped and ate shit really hard. he landed on his guitar and took the micstand with him. it sounded like this. DOOOOOSH!!!!

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  1. what did you do when you woke up in Brooklyn on the day of your show?