March 31, 2009

Shakin up that Laffy Taffy

This Saturday, April 4th, on our way home to Houston for the break, we're headed to one of our favorite places, Lafayette.
In that wonderous town we'll be hitting up the hippest cafe in the urreah, Cafe Cottage.
In that wonderous cottage, we'll be playing with three of the hippest bands around: Wild Moccasins, Lisa's Sons, and local favorite, Kid Midi.
Come out at 10 pm to catch all the action.
Not to be redundant or anything...

Facebook group SPLIT!

If you live in the LONE STAR STATE and you were a part of the facebook group to begin with, you're all gravy. The original group is now the TEXAN CADDYWHOMPUS VICTIMS group. If you are from Texas and want to join, it's all here baby.

If you are from LOUISIANA and want to keep up to date with happenings there, JOIN THIS NEW GROUP!

No more irrelevant event invites or messages!

If you are from neither area, pick your poison as both will be updated with universally relevant news about the band.

Hope this makes things a little easier and pertinent to you.


City Life's farewell show w/Caddywhompus FRIDAY!

This Friday at One Eyed Jacks, come out to catch the City Life's farewell show with us sandwiched between their (yes!) two sets.
Surprises are bound to occur, minds are bound to be blown, and expectations are bound to be exceeded.
Doors open at 9
$8 cover

Don't forget to grab a Caddywhompus full-length while you're there!

More info on the show HERE.

March 25, 2009

Caddywhompus: "Band to Watch in 2009"

Check out the write-up we got from blog, Indie Rock Cafe. If that's what you're into.

March 24, 2009

"EPs" goes digital!

Hooray! Can't wait for your physical copy you ordered from our website? You're in luck! You can now buy "EPs" in part or as a whole on our new and updated bandcamp page! Spread the love.

Also! If you buy a digital copy of the CD and still want the secret bonus tracks that come with the physical, email us at! We'll send you the secret link and say something nice about you and your hair or something.

Interview on Static

Today our interview with Static Television was put up on the blog. Check us chatting about important issues, global climate change, poverty, and the need for more nuggz.

Also, check out our recent written interview with the man himself.

March 23, 2009

Loyola Battlefest Friday, March 27

This Friday, March 27th, Caddywhompus is to take part in Loyola's Battlefest '09 along with bands, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Dirty Bourbon River Show, Mojo Method, and New Grass Country Club.
We wouldn't normally take part in musical competition, but we do like Loyola kids.

This event is a part of the 2nd annual Music and Fine Arts Fest.

Stream "EPs" for free!

<a href="">This Is Where We Blaze The Nuggz by Caddywhompus</a>

Check out our BandCamp account to stream our new album, "EPs"! (digital downloads up soon)
Go to our website to buy a physical copy!

March Tour in retrospect

Had a lot of fun.
Met a lot of great people.
Saw a lot of great shows.
Made friends.
Kicked it with Indie Houston.
Missed a week of school.

March 18, 2009


Thanks so much to everyone who came out on monday to our cd release show. Extra thanks to those who grabbed the cd. Double thanks to those who stayed for the whole show. Extra special super thanks to The Antlers, Motel Motel, and Antenna Inn, you all made the show everything we wished it could have been and more. We can't thank you all enough.

I'm at a rest stop on the way to sxsw right now (free wifi!) and haven't slept since sunday night (4 full hrs of it!), so I'm sorry for not having a picture for this post. Too sleepy. It's weird playing 2 shows in 2 days and not sleeping between them. Physically drained and all I want to do is bang screw.

SXSW dates:
Wednesday @ Snake Eyes Vinyl at 5pm
Friday @ Trophy's at 7pm


March 13, 2009

The CDs have arrived!

EPs came in today and we're currently putting our own handmade inserts in each one (free download link inside too!), all in preparation for our CD release this coming Monday, March 16 at the Saturn Bar! Get to know The Antlers, Antenna Inn, and Motel Motel so you can sing along at the show! Thanks for all the support. See you soon.

March 11, 2009

It's kind of a BIG DEAL

We're really excited for this show.
And this city.
And these bands:
Japanther (Brooklyn), Romanteek (Olympia), Caddywhompus, (New Orleans), Female Demand (Houston). The Art (Australia), MyNameIsJohnMichael (New Orleans), Muhhamid Ali (Houston), Fat Tony (Houston)

March 10, 2009

Flyer for Mobile, AL show

This Sunday, we're making our way out to Mobile, Alabama to play our second show with new friends, The Antlers, Motel Motel, and Mia Riddle.
We're stoked and you should be too.
Know someone in Mobile?
Help spread the word!


Continue rubbing your hands together in preparation for March 16th.

March 6, 2009

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the Hi Ho in support of the New Orleans Indie Rock Collective and their team of wonderful musicians. We hope you had a great night and are planning to go to the next two nights' shows where even more crazy stuff will surely go down. Hopefully you picked up a sampler CD last night or are planning to pick one up tonight/tomorrow night, as it is imperative to your health. Once again, thank you all so much for coming out. We love our New Orleanians. See you at our CD Release show on March 16 at the Saturn Bar!

Photos from last night here

March 4, 2009

Spring Tour/SXSW

This March, we whompers are quite busy folk. Here's what's keeping us on our toes:

March 5 | New Orleans, LA | HiHo | 9pm | W/The Blue Party, The Pharmacy
March 14 | Savannah, GA | Guitar Bar | 9pm | W/The Antlers
March 15 | Mobile, AL | Alabama Music Box | 9pm | W/The Antlers, Motel Motel, Mia Riddle
March 16 | New Orleans, LA | Saturn Bar | 8pm | (CD Release!) W/The Antlers, Motel Motel, Antenna Inn
March 17 | Denton, TX | J&J's Pizza | 9pm | W/Thomas Function, Fishboy
March 18 | Austin, TX | Snake Eyes Vinyl | 8pm | W/Hat Talk, Man Plus Building, I Octopus, Smiley With a Knife, Magic Legs, White Colla Crimes
March 20 | Austin, TX | Trophy's | 4pm | W/Low Line Caller
March 22 | Houston, TX | Caroline Collective | 12pm | W/Japanther, THEART, Fat Tony, MyNameIsJohnMichael, Female Demand, Romanteek, Muhammid Ali
March 28 | Houston, TX | Mango's (outside) | 2pm | W/Everyone

Practice, practice, practice

We recently got kicked out of our shared practice space (two months before the end of the school year) and now we're jamming hard at Sean's house (gloriously pictured above). It does the trick, but we might need to move out soon. Contact us if you want to share a space or something. or myspace or facebook or whatever


March 2, 2009

Static's reasons why March is awesome

Check out Static TV's blog about what Wesley (pictured above) and others (potentially pictured above) are looking forward to in this, the glorious month of March.

Keep your eyes peeled for the NOLA Indie Rock Fest II (March 5-7) and our CD Release on March 16.

Facebook events are up too, so everyone should have an RSVP party!
NOLA Indie Rock Fest II (Thursday at the Hi Ho)
Saturn Bar CD Release

Totally rockin GIF for "EPs"


Monday, March 16 at the Saturn Bar!
Check out the Facebook Event and join the group!

March 1, 2009

New Orleans is cool and all...

But we miss Screwston, TX.
This one goes out to our friends in the city of syrup.