June 18, 2009

Day Six - 6/17 The Girl Cave (DC)

we awoke at the rest stop in Roanoke, VA. we started to drive and stopped off after about an hour at the Pink Cadillac Diner. They asked us smoking or non, and me being a smoker excited to smoke inside i said smoking. then i realized that the smoking section was absolutely disgusting. The ceilings were all yellow and the table cloths were all grey and burnt. we peeked into the non smoking section and were not surprised to see a very bright and colorful room that was immaculately clean. the people looked a lot more young and attractive too for some reason. so we watched some fox news and ate our greasy diner food and then we left. we drove in to D.C. and picked up our boy Dexter and crammed him into the front seat with us. we were sitting in traffic for a long while and then saw what looked to be road block of cops so chris and Dex hopped out and started to walk to the venue(for 2 miles). As i drove past the road block I saw a a squirrel running around in circles in the middle of the street and a fat women police officer trying to catch it with a garbage bag. This was apparently the cause of all the traffic. I got away from the traffic just as the fire-truck was arriving. the gps led me right to a baptist church and i was looking around for some beat up house that might host punk shows. we were in a really nice neighborhood and i was very confused. It took me about 30 minutes to realize that it was the house right next to the church. Frau Eva rolled up and we loaded in to the Girl Cave. It was a tiny tiny basement and then we walked to the liquor store. actually first we ate some badass curry tofu cooked by our wonderful host Caitlin, then we walked to the liquor store. bought some beer. walked back to the house and talked to frau eva some more. The first band was The Fordists (DC) and they played some mathy post-punk goodness. Then we played and my drums kept on unplugging chris's guitar cable from his amp. so we had some random stops but it was fun. Frau Eva was next and they were really impressive. it was easy on the ears but really melodic and intricate at the same time. good stuff. then jubilee, which was a guy playing percussion and girl playing banjo. they were really good and sang clever lyrics about normal stuff like not sleeping and getting dry socket. it was an awesome show and everyone at the Girl Cave was super nice and supportive. we took the scenic route back through DC and made it back to Dexters. after pumping some iron and eating a bunch of chips, we fell asleep.


  1. You guys were awesome at the Girl Cave! And I've listened to your EP like 10 times in my car since Tuesday.