June 30, 2009

Day fIfteen - 6/26 Village Green Records (Muncie, IN)

We woke up to the sound of knocking on our bloody motel door and were threatened to be charged for another day if we didn't check out soon. we packed up our bags and left. we then stopped by Village Green Records (where we would be playing later that night) and checked in with Travis, the head honcho of the wonderful little independent record store. We checked out the store and chatted about what was going to go down later on that night (once again, another band bailed), and then he suggested we check out the little forest and some greenhouses (one had the world's largest collection of orchids!), so we did and it ruled. Then we ran over to Ball State University's library and stole some internet. I jumped around on some things that were fun to jump around on and then we grabbed some coffee. Soon it was time to get back to VGR an get ready for the show. We were greeted by John and Meagan of Sky Thing, Travis, and some other locals helping out with setting up the outside stage and making sure everything runs smoothly. We started setting up slowly (as was Travis' suggestion, so we could give kids some time to show up), he started dj'ing and his friends started setting up cameras to film the show (Travis' hope is to make a little documentary-type thing about starting and running your own independent record store to inspire others who might be interested). At about 9pm, we took to the stage (grass in the front of the store) and Travis called all the kids who were sitting nearby but were not near the stage area, to the front and we began. We had a great time and played a decent show considering it was an outside show and we haven't done that very often. People were down, we got donations and sold a good amount of merch. It was awesome seeing people come out to check out two out of town bands they probably never heard before. Sky Thing began setting up and played an awesome and intriguing set that attracted a few more fans off the street. Their music was trance-inducing and their films projected behind them were a great addition to the show. After the show was over, we helped Travis clean up and went to a bar nearby and drank and talked for a good two hours with Travis and Sky Thing. We then attempted to pick up some more alcohol and get a change of scenery. After a while, we succeeded and made our way back to VGR, where we would be staying that night. We stayed up till the sun came up watching Pump up the Volume and the funniest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that I had ever seen. I took a bite of a Steak and Shake burger just to see what it was like. YUMZ!

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