June 28, 2010

Day 7 - Nashville, TN

Fun friends, 2 40's, no A/C, pool afterwards.

Woke up next to Ophelia the curious cat by Sean's drums on the apartment floor back in Tuscaloosa at around noon. We gathered up and left asap.
We got there relatively early, and after checking in with the venue, roamed around downtown for a bit. Skated, cruised, ate some ice cream, etc. Neat lil' place.
Now, I had been to Little Hamilton before with Sun Hotel back in March. This was a whole different ballgame now. If you'd like to see the comparison between then and now, check out our video from then.
Anyway, basically, the place looked way nicer now, was run pretty well, and seemed to be where all the cool kids hung out. The Caddy crew had a nice spot of second-to-last, and after a duo of 40's for everyone (hence some shotty camera work, sorry), we all got down pretty hard. Extremely sweaty, but very successful and fun show.
Afterwards we were so kindly invited to hang out and swim at one of our new friend's pools, which was much needed and refreshing. Then, headed back to another friend's pad for dreams on couches.



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