June 24, 2010

Day 6 - Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, AL

House show double-feature!

The day began slow. I woke up with my set alarm at 8am to watch a live-chat feed of the USA - Algeria game. Thrilling.
After that me and Sean read some books and watched everyone else slowly wake up. We got out on the road at about 1pm.
We got the the Birmingham house right on time, at about 6pm and set up to play first at 7. Not gonna lie, it felt pretty weird. Maybe it was the early slow, maybe the small room, or the stagnant crowd, or maybe the guy rolling on the ground touching himself asking every girl for their number.
Anyway, our friends who came from Tuscaloosa just to see Caddy got there just as the set ended, so it was decided to come back to their place and just play a show there.
Bold move. But it payed off. The party was surprisingly bumpin', the kids were cool, the place was fun. After some mac n cheese, beat boxing, and all around additional ruckus, we promptly passed out on the floor while Chris serenaded us with "Flint" by Sufjan Stevens.

still kickin'


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