July 5, 2010

Day 8 - Carbondale, IL


We rolled out of Nashville pretty early. Stopped for some foods, Chris got some strings, etc. We got to Carbondale and a had a little trouble finding the place, we went to the "wrong" house a few times. But, once we settled in it was an easy chill sesh on the porch with the awesome friends who lived there for a few hours while we waited for the night to get started.
Caddy hit it second of the bands and hit it hard. The show was again very sweaty, sensual, intimate, rockin'. Our good budsfrom H-Town, also on tour, Female Demand, tore it up next. The good response and party meter with both sets was pretty high.
Afterwards it was a relatively long night before it all died down and we broke out the pull-out beds from the sofas. I made the mistake of calling the leather sofa, that I stuck to violently all night. It would be my last night of sleep with the Caddy crew on tour.
I wept as I slept.

however, the next day really ruled! (St. Louis)



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