June 22, 2010

Day 4 - New Orleans, LA 2

Generator show in a broken down building by the river.

We didn't know exactly where this was going to be held, I had to call a phone number with a pre-recorded message with loose directions, then meet up and scope around until we found an open area to wait for the hosts to arrive and show us where to go.
It was a pretty cool area, though. Mega-graffitti'ed, broken down industrial, empty, sketchy, awesome.
We showed up at 8, waited around till 9, loaded the gear in and got the generator running and such with lights and the amps, then waited for kids to show up and the music started at about 10:30.
After one first act that I unfortunately missed because I was on a beer run, Caddy did business. The setting was pretty awesome, I think. Many boys and girls started climbing the broken roof in the back and watched from up high, the rest made a pretty wide semi-circle around the lights and band. It felt right.
Sadly, a few minutes after their set, we heard the sirens and megaphones and had to bail out cause the po diggits were there.
Just as that party was gettin' rowdy.
Oh well.

We're headed out up to Hattiesburg today, sendin' all my lovin'.



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