June 20, 2010

Day 2 - Lafayette, LA

Hey friends, Devin here, tagging along with Caddywhompus and filming/helping out/chilling hard for a while on this tour.
I met up with the homeboys Chris and Sean a little late, so this video is a little short and is mainly just live clips of the show at Artmosphere, except for Chris shredding a bit on the skateboard outside and getting yelled at for having tight jeans by a passing party bus.

And that's basically how the first day of my days with the tour went.
Got to the place early on, hung out with Limb and B L A C K I E a bit (who both rule, if you didn't catch that from the video), owned Chris in a game of SKATE outside right before the show, partied up with a solid show, then threw down afterwards and ended up crashing all on the floor of our pal Ian's apartment at 5am.
Picture-esque tour start.

Anyway, I'll be updating like this and posting videos (probably more informative ones) hopefully every day for a while on this tour, hope you dig it!



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