June 21, 2010

Day 3 - New Orleans, LA

Back on home-turf for a sick show with all our frens.

Father's Day. We woke up all sprawled out on the apartment floor in Lafayette at around noon, me and Chris were huddled up sharing a 5ft blanket and when we checked the thermostat we saw "60". I also recall him trying to steal Sean's sleeping bag in the middle of the night right out from under him, which worked for about 30 minutes. Anyway, we headed out asap to N.O.
I had to show up to the show late because of family dinner and things, so unfortunately once again I don't have too much revealing footage, and more unfortunately I missed B L A C K I E's set. If you saw yesterday's vid, you know he wrecks hard and it's a sad thing to miss.
I got there in the middle of Limb's set, who were tearing it up pretty hard again. That clip of them I used in the vid is some serious breakdown S.
Chris and Sean did their thang next, and I was happy with finding a couple really cool angles from the back wall to film. Chris's guitar exploded during one of the early songs and he had to use the other band's guitar after, but other than that it was a pretty sick set.
Last for the night was long time New Orleans power-ska-wrecking crew Fatter Than Albert, who got the pit rolling and churning routinely. The temperature of the room literally rose about 10 degrees during the set, and the floor literally had to be mopped up afterwards.
We split off for the night cause I have to pack up to leave n such, we'll be in New Orleans again tonight playing a warehouse show with a generator, then leaving Tuesday for real.
awww yea



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