May 23, 2010

Day 7 - Thousand Palms, CA (Sean's Crib)

After the LA jamz, we hit the road to Coachella (Thousand Palms, to be exact). We braved the wind and made it there just in time to get some pre-game in. We sipped on some dent-discounted beer ($0.50 each) and chatted about music and things that come along with that. The show itself went really well, despite the cops showing up midway through our set. We decided to move the show inside and the rager kept a-goin'. People got way effed up and friendships momentarily ended, but no wounds were too deep and most healed by the morning. Here's a video of us arriving and chilling in the backyard where half of our set went down.
We <3 Sean and we we <3 the desert.

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