May 3, 2009

Chris' solo album release and other info

Today I (Chris) released my latest solo album on Bandcamp. It's called Four Drops/Pieces of Rain and it's available for a free download. I won't use this blog to talk about my solo work, so that's why i started another blog that is focused solely on releases and news such as this.

I also started a Twitter account for my solo work and you can follow me HERE.

Here's my Myspace if you want to check it out.

Join the facebook group if you want to get updates on news and whatnot.

Also, my first two full-length records are available on CD Baby and my second full length (What Had Happened Was) is on iTunes.

Hope all is good in the hood.


<a href="">Part I - Neighborhood Rain (00:00-06:48) Part II - Metallic Rolling Winds/Thunder (06:48-11:03) by Chris Rehm</a>

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