May 20, 2009

In hibernation for a little while.

Hello friends!
Just felt like writing a little bloggy about why we're seemingly so inactive as of right now.
We are in fact, taking some time to get set for this summer and other plans we have made.
We're in the studio almost every day writing and crafting our songs we have/don't have yet for our three upcoming releases (Split 7", an experimental visual album, and the full length).
We're also preparing our music and equipment for the road this summer (TOUR!!!!), a summer we are very excited about.
We are working on getting our split 7" done (with sIngs) and figuring out the best way to press it.
We are working on re-pressing our first album "EPs" as we are running low on copies for the tour.
We are silk-screening tees for the tour and making a new design (hopefully).
I am trying to find/buy a new amp that will work for the whole tour and is mine.
We are trying to get Sean's Volvo Station Wagon fixed so it's road-worthy for the summer.
We are saving $$$ for the tour.
We are finalizing the dates/bands for the tour.
We are booking dates for after the tour in H-Town and our return to school.
We have jobs.
We are partying hard.
We have warrants out for murder/rape/treason/parking tickets.
My teeth still hurt.

In conclusion, we still love you and will visit you soon.


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