May 18, 2009


So we were pretty busy and accomplished a lot with the band this past semester, but let's see how we did in our studies.
We are both Music Industry Studies (Bachelor of Science) majors at Loyola University, New Orleans. Here goes!

Chris' Grades:
Music Industry Forum: Pass
Intro to Business: B+
Intro to Philosophy: B
Intro to Music Industry Studies: C
Intro to Finite Math: A
Legal Issues In Music Industry Studies: C
Current Term GPA: 2.900
Cumulative GPA: 3.121

Sean's Grades:
Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: A
Music Visualization: B+
Basic Marketing: C+
Management & Organizational Behavior: D+
Principles of Microeconomics: A
Music Industry Forum: Pass
Current Term GPA: 2.917
Cumulative GPA: 3.125

So Sean's in the lead right now. CAN HE HOLD CHRIS OFF NEXT SEMESTER???

To be continued.... Can the duo keep their scholarships???