May 14, 2009

Riff Tiffs' "Festival/Snflwr" EP

Hello again, maybe it's the codeine I got for my wisdom teeth removal working, but today I decided to upload the most recent release, Festival/Snflwr EP, from our other (first ever!) band, RIff Tiffs. We've been in this band since 2004 and I am certain we, as Caddywhompus, wouldn't be doing anything remotely close to what we're doing now (musically and professionally) without the experience we gained during our time with this band. You can download it for FREE at our bandcamp page.

<a href="">Festival by Riff Tiffs</a>

Check it out and help us spread the word if you wish.

If you're in Houston, check out our shows this May:
May 23rd at The Mink
Mat 29th at Mango's (w.Mynameisjohnmichael!)

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