April 30, 2009

Feelin' Fine THIS FRIDAY!

Info's on the flyer, so take a second to examine it's contents, visit the facebook event page and then come out THIS FRIDAY to party it up with us, Mynameisjohnmichael, A Living Soundtrack, and Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.
We've got some new stuff up our sleevies (where generals keep their armies) and you know the other bands are gonna pull out all the stops for you guys. Because you're worth it. This will be our last show before Sean and I pack up the saddlebags and head back to Texas for the summer. Also all the show's proceeds will be donated to help put on Geronimo Festival in Lafayette this summer. MNIJM has an excellent description/explanation for the cause on their facebook event:
"What cause, you ask? Well theres this little shindig in Lafayette at the end of May called Geronimo Festival. It's gonna be boombastic, and several NOLA acts are travelling up there to play (MNIJM and Caddywhompus included). Proceeds of this Hi Ho show will go to toward the expenses of these poor travelling musicians. Can you hear the crying violins yet?"

You can download JFJO's new studio album, "Winterwood" for free HERE.

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