July 17, 2010

Homecoming show/Tour's Over

So we're about to be back in new orleans (our gps says our eta is 5:37pm) and that means our summer tour is coming to an end. We have a homecoming show coming up in New Orleans on the 28th with Summer Blondes (met them in Oakland. So amazing) and Twin Killers (we met two of the dudes in this band at one our first shows in Baton Rouge ever and their music is fckng insane, in most definitely the best sense of the phrase). The info's all on the flyer. Hope to see our Nola homies there.

My apologies for not blogging after Devin headed back home. Here are some highlights from the trip, post-St. Louis:

<>Much beer was drank.
<>Many faces were melted.
<>Many girls (and a few sexy monkeys) were impregnated.
<>Sean shaved everything on his face but a creepy mustache.
<>Recorded three new songs in Steve Buscemi's basement.
<>Summered for a week in New York.
<>Two girls told Sean that they "wanted to fuck your brains out".
<>One bet he "fucked like a beast".
<>Slammed a 30 brick with two other homies in Muncie, IN.
<>I fractured my foot and acquired a boot from one of the aforementioned "homies".
<>Partied with Jean-Eric in Philly on 4th of July.
<>Fractured my foot worse late that night in Philly while dancing to Big Moe.
<>Bender apologized to Sean for beating him up physically and emotionally.
<>Paid $20+ at at least 5 tollbooths.
<>Ate real Buffalo wings and I choked on the fumes before I even bit into it.
<>Met a girl named Butterfly and her pet fox.
<>Held a fox.
<>Went to the Boston Aquarium.
<>My brother's ID (expired in 2006, says I'm 6'0" and have hazel eyes) worked numerous times.
<>Bought an inch of muenster even though the dude said I couldn't order by the inch ("cheese by pound, only dick in inches").
<>Danced my ass off in a bar in New York while sporting my rad boot.
<>Sean stayed up until 2pm in Harrisonburg, VA with Richard from Maps and Atlases and got caught stealing ziplocs while completely wasted in James Madison University at approximately 6am.
<>I showed up a new friend who claimed to rule at hula-hooping. NO. I RULE.
<>I read four chapters of "Into the Wild" while driving.
<>Accidentally started driving to Boone, NC instead of to Wilmington, NC for a while.
<>Miraculously met up with Dongles in Boone, NC.

We met so many amazing/hospitable/helpful/generous bands and individuals that we are incredibly thankful for and indebted to for being slices of heaven on earth.
We are so lucky and glad to know and have met such great people while on the road. We can't do it without all of you.
We love touring and will do it again soon.

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