April 23, 2009

Some sweet shows coming your way QUICK!

Above is the flyer for our nearest show. This event is taking place in our hometown, Houston, and will be with local favorite, Elaine Greer. It's an all-ages show at Mango's this Saturday at 9pm. Facebook event HERE. We're super excited about Mango's and what awesome things Omar will inevitably do.

We're super excited for this show this Monday at the High Ground. Get out there EARLY because doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7pm. Tera Melos are heros of ours and the other bands playing are some of our favorites in the area. Yes we know. The High Ground has a reputation for being extraordinarily lame, but Tera Melos will add a few points in the right direction, we think. Also playing is All That Is Left of Our Heros and Thier Flaming Hearts.


Facebook event HERE.

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