August 25, 2009

bAk TwO Sckoowl

Word. It's been a long long while since we posted something on here. I also left you hanging about the last 3 days of the tour. Well they went great. The rest of our summer was pretty grand too. We worked hard on tour and then chilled hard in Houston for the remainder. We are now headed back to NOLA where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. We're super excited about this school year and what we have planned. Hopefully we can pull a few of them off. One of the plans we have is this show right here.

Join us, Smiley With A Knife, and Big Rock Candy Mountain for this back to school show. Also, our friend Zack Smith will be there photographing those who attend in a unique portrait light-box he constructed for a project he's working on: to capture this new post-Katrina music community in it's early stages. Remember, this Saturday is the 4 year anniversary of Katrina. Come out and show your support for the bands and the community.


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