July 3, 2009

Day nineteen - Nashville, TN (BOOTY BAY!)

We woke up at The Swamp and after leaving a note and tee shirt on the table, hit the road in search of food. We finally came across a local pizza place that seemed to be the only place in the city that was hoppin' off the chain. We had some deep dish pizza that ruld and then we got in the car to head to Nashville. After another mind-numbing car ride, we arrived super early in Nashville, so we chilled at a Borders and sean drank some coffee and read some magazines while I was busy trying to steal a huge poster advertising for the blu-ray release of Gran Torino. That movie sukd. Eventually we got the word from Tyler from Gnarwhal that we could head over to the house venue known to the world as Booty Bay. I grabbed some Schlotzsky's on the way. We showed up and were pleased to see a large group of kids hanging around outside waiting for the show to start. We met up with the infamous Gnarwhal and met a lot of the kids at the show. I couldn't finish a half of my sandwich, so i gave the other half away. First to hit the stage was a new band in the area called Put 'Er There and they played a super awesome heavy et that lasted about 10 mins. They were sweet. The next band to play was a group called Diesel Seas and they blew me and sean (and others, i'm sure) away. Their noisy, technical proggy-hardcore sound was perfect for the tiny, sweaty basement we were all crammed into. After them came Gnarwhal and (as expected) this band was fantastic. Their both familiar and unfamiliar sound and emotion was a wonderful thing to see and hear. They have this great sound composed of major-chord metal with intense technical sections and heavy breakdowns that collectively, is something I miss in modern heavy music. They finished and Jesse (guitar) let everyone know that we were up next (last) and that they should stay and donate/buy our stuff. Well put and well received. We played to a decent sized crowd that were all super enthused to hear us for the first time live. We played one of the hottest (temperature) sets of the tour as well as one of my favorites. A lot of kids picked up tees and cds and that made the already awesome trip even more worth our while. We were offered a place to stay at our new friend Dree's house (sorry if i spelled that totally wrong) and jesse joined us for the after party, because as R.Kelly so wisely stated, "after the show, it's the after party". We played darts, sat in a halfpipe in their backyard, skated on their porch, talked about rats in unusual places, and partied our patooties off until about 3 am and then we all simultaneously crashed.

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