July 3, 2009

Day eighteen - Carbondale, IN (Lost Cross)

We left the windy city and took a drive to carbondale whilst being blown around on the freeway. We arrived at the house venue, Lost Cross, a few hours early and they were more than happy to have us come over and chill. We watched some Predator and checked out the historic house (it's been a punk house-venue since the 80s and is still miraculously in working condition). When we went to the basement to check out where we would be playing, we noticed a corner with standing water. Funny. It hasn't rained there in about 2 weeks. Well, the time came to load in and we did so through a window-sized entry way right near the mysterious puddle and brought our stuff to the stage area. We were to play first and after a sufficient amount of people showed up, we started making noise and began our set. It was a fun, dirty, and energetic set that people seemed to be down with. Afterwards we met Matt (from the Swamp who helped us book this show) and some other locals, and we spent some time sharing experiences and opinions before the second band, Liar Birds (super nice guys) started. We then raced inside once they began. They played an amazingly tight and powerful pop-punk set that impressed both sean and me (while not normally being particular fans of the genre). After everything was over, Matt invited us over to the Swamp, where we would be sleeping, to have a little feast with him and his homies. We did and it was delicious.

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