February 9, 2009

Westheimer Block Party

We're playing Free Press Houston's festival in Houston Texes along with lots and lots and lots of other bands.
During the day, the Block Party goes down. Free shows are everywhere, inside and outside.
The Evening Festival (8pm onward) takes place at three different venues (Numbers, Helios, La Strada, Mangos) and 20 bands are scheduled to play. Get a wristband for $20 and you get access to all 4 venues.
Our other band, Riff Tiffs will be playing the Evening Festival and Caddywhompus will be playing the daytime Block Party.
So come out to Wesheimer St. on March 28 for all the action.

More info about Free Press Houston and the festival HERE and check out Houston's recently blooming music scene while your at it.

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