February 16, 2009

"EPs" news and tracklist REVEALED!


Today, we finalized all the tracks for our upcoming pseudo full-length due out March 16th. But Chris, what's a pseudo full-length and why do I care? Well here's the damn deal. This CD consists of our self titled EP and the She EP (remixed/reworked songs on split cassette + 2 new songs). The She EP has yet to be released on it's own (limited cassettes will be made soon), so these last 6 songs should be new to most ears. All songs are remastered.

Here's the Tracklist:
1.) This is Where We Blaze The Nuggz
2.) Fun Times At Whiskey Bay
3.) Absinthesizer
4.) Untitled #7408
5.) Treats
6.) ...But Not Before A Show
7.) Probably Shouldn't Have Done All That Acid
8.) Eat Chest
9.) Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat
10.) Acadian Threeway

This CD will be released on March 16th at the Saturn Bar with friends:
Antenna Inn (New Orleans)
The Antlers (Brooklyn)
Motel Motel (Brooklyn)

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