September 6, 2010

Live from Sugarhill Studios

Live From SugarHill Studios - Episode 21 from W. Ross Wells on Vimeo.

A while back, we went over to our beloved SugarHill Studios in Houston and recorded a live set for the Live from SugarHill Sessions.

Joining us in the studio that day was our good friends: the Young Mammals. They played first and ruled.
We played second and my voice was gone, but we felt good with the outcome.
These are all new, unreleased songs (except for Guilt) and we hope you dig em.

The audio drops out right as our interview starts, and if I remember correctly, that's for the better.

We love you Houston.
We love you SugarHill.
We love you John Griffin.
Stick with us.
We've got stuff to do yet.


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