April 2, 2010


Howdy ya'll.
We've got a new album coming out on May 11th (April 23rd in Nola).
It's called Remainder and here's the front cover:

Here are the songs on the album:

1 - Let the Water Hit the Floor
2 - Big Fun
3 - Guilt
4 - Balloon Knot
5 - At Bay
6 - Golden
7 - Congo Half-Mask
8 - Same Difference

Remainder will be released on Community Records. We love everything about these guys and can't be happier that we're working with them.
We're getting 12" vinyls pressed as well as hand-making some cds.
It will also be released digitally on Community Records' website for FREE. We love you all too.
We recorded and mixed this album ourselves and it was mastered by Raz Khandpur.
We'll be hitting the road this summer for over two months in support of this album.
Thanks so much to every one of you who has supported us through this past year and a half or so. We've loved every minute of it (except the times when our car broke down. That really sucked actually).
Stick with us to hear some previews of the album.

NEW ORLEANS! Get the album early at our record release PARTY on April 23rd at the Mother-in-Law Lounge (with: Brother / Ghost, Fatter Than Albert, and Sun Hotel)!


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