April 12, 2010

New song/pre-order up now!

hey boyz and girlz!
Chris here, writing to let you know that a song from our upcoming album "Remainder" is out now on Community Records' website for free download!
It's called 'Let the Water Hit the Floor' and it's the opening track to the album.
You might recognize it if you've seen us live recently.

Grab that shit HERE.

In other yet similar news, hit up that Community Records website one more time to pre-order the 12" vinyl that will ship out on May 11.

Click HERE to start shopping for the vinyl.
Click HERE to start shopping for the vinyl AND cd. (SUPER COMBO MEAL!)

This album will be given away digitally for free on May 11th.
Click HERE to sign up to be emailed the record to you on the release day.
We love (and need) the support, so please buy physical if you got the dough.
It will help us pay back Community Records for pressing this, as well as help us tremendously while on the road this summer.

Major hugz and kisses,
Caddy woo-woo

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  1. fuuckk yeah i bought that shit and i never buy music

    michael fucking phelps