June 1, 2010

Days 8-22 (oh emm gee)

Ok so we're now on our East Coast tour and I never finished up the west coast tour blog. Perhaps we got distracted, perhaps Sun Hotel's awesome daily tour videos intimidated me, or perhaps (this is the most reasonable explanation) IT'S THE WATER.
Either way, here's a not so quick catch-up on what we've been up to.

Day 8 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Biko Garage - Drove through beautiful southern California, stopped at the Pacific and took it in for a few minutes. We arrived in Santa Barbara pretty early, so we walked around and took in the sights. I called up my boy Derek (Neko Neko mastermind behind the new video of "Guilt") and caught up of Austin/Houston happenings. We met Natalie (writer for Aerophones and Aeroplanes, among others) at the show, had multiple conversations with multiple naked people who were partying across the street at a naked seaweed/melted chocolate party. After the show (with awesome Cali bands Hi Ho Silver Away! and Wreck the Zephyr) slept in a cold-ass, punk-ass barn with our new friends in the aforementioned bands.

Day 9 - Santa Cruz, CA - Made our way over to Santa Cruz where we waited on a potential last-minute show that ended up not coming through. So our new friend Katy (fellow barn-partier) suggested we stop at Chavez House (a co-op composed of 20 or so university students in the area) to see if they would have a couch (or two) to lend for the night. We knocked on their door at 9:30pm - which interrupted a meeting - but they let us in, fed us dinner and breakfast, chilled with us, and let us sleep there. I think we both were blown away by their hospitality and generosity. We watched this video while we were there and it was a hit. I started reading this book.

Day 10 - San Francisco, CA - Made the short drive over to San Fran and immediately headed to the Haight-Ashbury area, naturally. We walked around all day, stopping at Aomeba, Golden Gate Park, the Post Office, and other prime stopping locations. Later, we met up with my uncle Tom's best friend: Steve, who has been living in San Francisco for some time now. He showed us some scenic outlooks, his favorite mexican restaurant, and his amazing assortment of guitars and other oddities in his house (Chinchilla party, anyone?). Later, we wrote and recorded a little diddy with Steve himself, which has been sent off to my uncle Tom for solo spice and mad riffage. I'll upload that asap. It's a mind-melter, no doubt.

Day 11 - Oakland, CA - This is the day that started the rain that has followed us all the way up to Olympia, Washington (not to give away any big endings). We woke up promptly at noon and met up with my high school History teacher, Michael and had lunch with him at HIS favorite mexican restaurant. We learned about the origin of the hand-held burrito (SAN FRAN!). He suggested we check out Twin Peaks and that we did. After the overcast, hazy lookout over the city that treated us so well, we made our way to Oakland where we would meet up new friends, Summer Blondes, in hopes of partying mad hard with them SLASH maybe playing a show. We met everyone that lived (and used to live) in their garage apartment/practice space and watched them practice their amazing efffffffing set. After kicking it pretty hard (and catching up with my luvvvvvly sister via tele) we decided to make our way over to the party that Jonathon (guitar in Summer Blondes) was trying his damnest to get us on. Long story short, our inquiries just didn't cut the mustard. On the sunny side of things, I did have a good heart-to-heart with Jonathon (when I have one of those with sean, I call it a heart-to-HART) and we got pretty kkrruunnkk and kicked it till 4 in the morning. Yum nite.

Day 12 - Corvallis, OR @ Cloud 9 - My alarm woke me up at 8:45 am, because we knew we had to leave by 9 to get to Corvallis on time for load-in. I gathered all of our stuff and packed up the car. Sean was nowhere in sight, but probably behind one of the 4 closed doors downstairs, each filled with the sounds of slumber. I opened every door slowly and cautiously - I was freaking the fuck out - and finally ran across sean's shoe lying on the ground and, as i looked up at the top bunk, sean. I woke him up and we hit the road. Another reason why we woke up early was so I'd be slightly more awake when I had to do a phone interview at 11 am. My phone rang at 9 am and it was a number I didn't know. Quickly figured out that they were talking about 11 am CENTRAL. Not PST. Awesome. Killed it. We're back on the road now. The long, cold, mountainous, winding, beautiful road to Corvallis took all day. Our good good (best) friend Althea drove down from Olympia to come hang with us in Corvallis. Cloud 9 looked really fancy. The Nautics tore it up and they said we did the same, so I suppose it was pretty rad. A small show, followed by a small drive to Portland where we met up with fellow houston-hometowm-boi: Nick. Deep slumber soon followed.

Day 13 - Portland, OR @ Ella St. Social Club - We woke up to Nick cooking up some mad tasty eggs for all involved. Afterwards, the two of us and Althea got lost all over Portland. Saw the rose garden, some sweet lookouts, munched on some squid jerky and got more lost before we headed over to Ella St. Social Club. Support Force got there right as we did and greeted us with open arms. The place was super cool and the show went smoothly, and SUPPORT FORCE FUCKING OWNS. Afterwards, we watched some of The Hangover and decided to stop because it wasn't very funny. More mad slumber after that.

Day 14 - Portland, OR @ In Other Words/ house party - Sean and I were woken up by Nick informing us that we were to get dressed and cleaned before heading over to our friend Mary T's house. We did just that and were greeted by Mary T and her delicious breakfast tacos at her place. She and Nick guided us all over Portland this day and I stole some cheese from a grocery store. It was delicious. We ate sushi off of a conveyor belt and it was also delicious. We made our way over to In Other Words to play a free show with Like Trains and Taxis. The turn-out was thin, but the jamz were phat. With high hopes, we headed over to the house party we were scheduled to play later on that night, only to be greeted at the house of party by an extraordinarily sleepy dude that 'thought the show was canceled', so it ended up being so. We decided we were going to drive to Olympia that night and after some mac nnnnnnnn cheese nnnnnn rice nnnnnnnnn stuff, Nick decided he would join us too. We left at around midnight at got to Althea's house in Olympia around 2am. She greeted us warmly with some ice cold local brewz and we chewed the fat till early the next morning.

Day 15 - Olympia, WA @ A rad ass house party - Althea showed us around her Evergreen College and beautiful Olympia all day after yet another delicious homemade breakfast/morning beers. We met a lot of her friends and I had what was quite possibly the most messy orange ever born. The house party was quiet and strange and then we played and it got louder, but the strangeness remained relatively stable until Margie Pepper played. They were super duper nice to us all night and their music put a cherry on top of their already magnificently cool cake. We grabbed our few remaining beers, picked up some more, and headed back to Althea's. Ate chips and dip very fast and without speaking. Then we kicked it like wild donkeys till we couldn't kick no mo.

Day 16 - Sammamish, WA - Rad ass high school house party - Woke up. Breakfast beer. Lunch. Drove to Sammamish. We circled around the block that the party was supposed to be on for about 10 minutes and then got flagged down by Ryan from A Billion Ernies (fellow Community Records homies who were also playing the party) to pull into the driveway he was standing in front of. The party was at a house on a lot of land with some horses chillin around it. The place (like the inhabitants of it) was super duper nice. We were greeted with pizza, starbursts, chips, cookies, soda, water, and lots of high school kids. A Billion Ernies seemed just as stoked as we were to be there. The show was nonsense, and I mean that in the best was possible. Apparently, not too many kids own records players, but a good number either smoke or support smoking mad weed. We might have gotten some kids kicked out of Sammamish High with those tees. After the party (that I left my back pack at... EFF!), we followed ABE to their favorite bar in Seattle (where Althea and Nick would be meeting us up at) and had some sweet bonding time with our fellow rockers and their friends. Althea's stories were uncomfortable as always (<3). Finally, we made our way to Althea's brother's house in Seattle and fell asleep watching CUBE. Slept tight.

Day 17 - Seatlle/Drive Day - So the day before, we woke up, said "peace out!" to Nick, and promptly got our oil changed at the local Jiffy Lube. The 4Runner is now running as sweet as syrup. We went to Pike Street Market and had some "WORLD FAMOUS!" clam chowder that was actually really good. We were supposed to meet up ABE at Folk Life (a music/arts festival right near the Space Needle), so we headed that way. We chilled for a good bit over there, saw some dude climb up a fountain and receive hellllllaaaa praise from onlookers in the area, tried to sneak into the space needle by pressing 'up' on the elevator (seemed simple enough), only to be stopped by some dude that said we had to pay $17 to go up there. We said "fuck that!" and left. I almost stole some $4 gummy bears, but curbed my inner hoodlum and left with a clean conscience/empty tummy. Our new friend Brennan (who booked the house party in Sammamish) met us up there and, like the pro he is, hit me up with my backpack I left at the equestrian rager. ABE showed up just as we were heading out to start making our way to Orem, Utah where we had a show the following night. We bid farewell to the always wonderful Althea and hit the road. We drove until midnight or so and slept at a rest stop in Idaho.

Day 18 - Orem, Utah @ The Kage - We made our way to Salt Lake City, found a coffee shop, found out our name was no longer on the Free Press SummerFest schedule, made some corrective calls, talked to Tyler (our boy who set up the Utah show) and told us where in Orem the show was (45 min south of SLC), and we headed there. After searching for about 30 minutes for the venue, we defeatedly entered a office space parking lot to find some wifi to do some more research on this seemingly nonexistent venue. Just as we pulled in, a slew of punk-ass kids were skateboarding and hoddluming it up outside. We figured this was the place and it was. After the owner arrived (who was also comically named Kage) we started loading in. I believe six bands were scheduled to perform (3 acoustic acts and 3 full bands) and during the first acoustic acts, occasionally, some foot stomping went down. Kage stuck his head in every time looking disgruntled as fuck. Eventually he made an announcement that there was to be no stomping in his venue (which looked and felt like a preschool - shrek/miley cyrus/avenged sevenfold posters and all). We were all so amazed by how small of a weiner this dude must have and laughed it off, but after the second acoustic band played, Kage came down hard. He said the show was now cancelled due to poor attendance and ear splitting stomping. He said it wasn't worth his time or money to deal with us. I told him he was shitty and about driving 16 hours to get there and that we were gonna play or he could go strangle himself with his tacky-ass ass jeans he had for sale (oh yeah, he also sold urban wear on the side). He agreed and we set up. We played one song, he told us everyone had to leave and that the cops were called. We all called bullshit given he was running a venue, but there was nothing doing. This fool was gonna slob hard on his own nob no matter what we had to say. After some fellow punk kidz told him off about him smelling bad and not comprehending 'awesome', we honked our horns really loudly, blasted music in his parking lot and left. I made sure to snag some of his finest panties he had for sale before we were gone, however. He suggested his pink lacy ones. I was way down. All the people who came were super supportive and gave us their reimbursed spent door money, bought a lot of merch and treated us to a night around SLC. The rest of the night ended up being super rad and we had a great time and had some of the cheapest burritos ever sold. We slept at a new friend's house and left at 6 in the morning to head to Boulder, CO.

Day 19 - Boulder, CO @ Astroland - The drive was beautiful and we stopped in Fort Collins before we made it to Boulder to meet up with Sean's Aunt and Uncle. We munched down on some pizza and salad and talked about whatnot. When we got to Boulder, my good friends from Houston were all eating at a place that named all their sandwiches after weed lingo, so we met up with them. I seriously considered selling them some of our new tees on consignment, decided against it, and then chilled in a park where my cousin Trevor was to find us and say hey. Hey was said and shortly thereafter, we had to head to Astroland to load in. This place had been hosting a whole lot of great shows since they opened, and have a shit load of sick shit going down soon, so needless to say, I was way jacked to get there. We were greeted by smiling faces and open arms when we arrived. A small group of young dudes were running the place and were incredibly nice and cool. It took a while for the other bands to show, but eventually everyone did and the show went pretty well. Jake Bellows (Neva Dinova's lead dude) showed up on his motorcycle, which he was touring on and I peed in my pants a little. A lot of our friends had friends out there and we managed to draw a good amount of interested first-timers in due to awesome friends back home (<3 Pam, Giant Cloud, Ben D, AL BECK). Jake played my fav Neva Dinova song "Poison" thanks to my request and we all had boat loads of fun, beer, whatnot, and some other whatnot. We FINALLY got to the house we were staying that night (<3 Bryan) and slept in the most comfortable freezing basement I've ever experienced.

Day 20 - Drive Day/Austin, TX - We woke up late and ate a lot of bagels, then hit the road for TEXAS! We decided to drive all the way to Austin in one stretch (eta: 8am). We were down and we did it. After smelling a whole lot of cow shit, skunks and stink bugs, we got to Jono's and slept till 1pm.

Day 21 - Austin, TX @ The Mohawk - Egg tacos for breakfast to be followed by a refreshing trip to Hamilton Pool with Jono and one of my best friends Harrison, but - DRATS! - high bacteria levels, so no go went we. Instead, we made our way to Lake Travis to swim. I almost drowned while trying to swim from one bank to another that was roughly two swimming pools apart. I miraculously made it there AND back and then we headed out to go back to Jono's to practice some changes we made to a few new songs and to eat at Old School BBQ. That shit was off the chain. We got them down and arrived at the Mohawk around 10 to load in for our midnight show. The show was slimmingly attended but I thought it was one of our best executed sets we've ever played. Just me. After meeting up with some friends at RANCHO RELAXXOOOOOO, we decided to drive to Houston through the night. We got home around 7am and we slept in our own beds.

Day 22 - Houston, TX - Free Press Summer Fest - Got there around 2pm (we were shooting to get there around 10am) and loaded in. We watched some sick nasty bands throughout the day, and played at 7pm at KTRU's stage. The main speakers kept going on and off, but what the hell, people were partying and so were we. It was major hot. We kicked it hard, H-Town style afterwards and for the following two weeks as well.

I'm sorry if you read all of this. We love/are scared of you. Devin will now be taking over the tour blog, as I obviously suck at it. Videos!!

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